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Whether you’re a homeowner or a builder tackling a project of any size, this experience comes with many decisions to make along the way. At Alps Craftsman, we’re all about keeping your hassles at bay. The convenience of our one-stop-shop experience makes that happen - countertops, cabinets, and fixtures are all in one place. What’s more, our product knowledge ensures you get all the information, education, and support you’ll need to make decisions and gain peace of mind as you embark on a new project.

Our simple 3-step process works for both cabinets and countertops.

Design with Knowledge and Trust

Part of the one-stop experience of Alps Craftsman is the design team ready to elevate your vision into reality. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who work in this industry who aren’t experts in either cabinets or countertops, nor do they have knowledge of how things can be built in a safe manner. That’s where we come in!

We have designers on staff, our own design center, and the knowledge and expertise to only offer our customers designs that are achievable and safe. It’s odd to have to use the word safe when talking about design, but we’ve come across multiple situations where customers could have been hurt based on the rendered designs. Our reputation is built on trust, so we never lie to just make a sale. It’s through our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to education and communication that we earn your trust. Working with the experts is the clear choice for doing things right.

Tips like these below are essential for successful project outcomes.

  • Marble is not suitable for kitchens because it etches and scratches easily. On the other hand, it is great for bathrooms
  • Repairs can be made to countertops if chips occur down the line. However, these fixes are less visible in busier designs than in solid-colored countertops.
  • Frameless cabinets allow for more storage and easier access to the items being stored. Full or partial depth shelves in base cabinets can also affect your storage capabilities.
  • Man-made countertop materials, such as quartz and acrylic solid surface, are not heat resistant. Consider this for not only your hot pans from the stove or oven, but also for countertop appliances.

It is our job to help you understand this nuanced marriage of function and aesthetics.

The Right Way to Do Things... No Red Flags

Your wants and needs and the vision you have for your project are what drives our dedication to our craft.

We’re a family business. Our founders, team, and now grown children who were raised in the business have enabled us to provide you and customers like you with service excellence for more than 30 years. That sense of family pervades everything we do. We’re proud of that and believe it deepens our commitment to you. When we work with you, you become family, and we value the beauty of your home like it’s our own.

Welcome to Alps Craftsman

Giving a new look to the countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom, home office, and rec room—or your commercial space—can be overwhelming. There are simply so many choices... And then, of course, there’s your budget. It’s hard to know where to begin, how to go about it, and who to turn to for help. That’s why we’re here.
About Us

Some Alps Craftsman Data

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Residential and Commercial Customers and Builders in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania
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Family owned and operated since 1991
residential commercial


Single family homes, apartments, townhouses, condos, and other multi-unit housing


20,000 countertops in the last five years
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Cabinets Crafted Specifically for Your Vision

Our cabinet design team will bring your vision to life within the confines of your space. Using the various cabinet lines we offer, our team can design the best layout, while staying within your budget.
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Beautiful, High-Quality Custom Countertops

Your countertop speaks to who you are as a person or as a family, both in terms of design and functionality. With many materials, colors, and looks available, the design team at Alps Craftsman will help you pick the perfect expressionfor your home.
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Beautiful, High-Quality Material in Many Colors

Granite is a very durable countertop material that performs well both inside and outside the home. The dense composition of the granite minerals allows for a strong surface that is heat and scratch resistant. Chips may occur on the countertops, in particular along the edges, but repairs are often less visible due to the busier patterns that are normally found in these stones.
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Benefits of Granite

  • Least expensive natural stone available
  • Some colors can be used outdoors
  • Repairs are less visible than othercountertop materials
  • Heat and scratch resistant


  • Must seal every 6-12 months for helpwith stain resistance
  • Seams will be visible
  • Porous material - small divots mightexist on surface

Brands We Offer

  • HiMacsCorian Solid SurfaceAlps Natural StoneCaesarstoneIcestone
  • WilsonartSilestoneOne QuartzMSI QuartzMNG
  • LaureyKohlerGreen ForestFormicaElkay
  • PaperstoneCorian QuartzCentury KitchensAlleanza QuartzVadara

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “I’ve used Alps Craftsman on multiple renovation projects – 2 kitchens and 3 bathrooms to be exact. Anytime we need countertops, they’re my only choice given the excellent customer service and professionalism.” 
    Barbara (Northern NJ)
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  • “Alps was the countertop supplier when I worked for a large builder. When starting my own renovation company a few years back, I immediately went to Alps to set up an account. Their design center is the perfect place for me to bring my customers to pick out cabinets, countertops and hardware. Their process and attention to detail is what I love about them.”
    George (Northern New Jersey)
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  • “I’m not a designer and have no eye for this type of stuff, so I loved that Alps Craftsman offered me a place to get cabinets and countertops together. Plus they have a designer on staff that helped guide me through the process, whom I loved working with on my renovation. I tell all my friends to use Alps because it was such a great process!” 
    Sarah (Central NJ)
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  • “High quality, easy to work with, very professional. Not much else to say.” 
    Mark (Central NJ)
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  • “Alps Craftsman installed the countertops in the home I bought through my builder. We loved how they came out, so when wanting to finish our basement, Alps was the only choice for the project. Their design center is wonderful! If we ever renovate or move, Alps Craftsman is the only countertop company we’ll use."
    Denise and Rob (New York State)
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  • “From start to finish, Alps was a pleasure to work with! Excellent communication throughout and we love our new countertops!!
    Kristen (Central NJ)
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  • “ We loved being able to get our cabinets and countertops from one company. Plus, they had a great selection of cabinet hardware for us to choose from, too. Such an easy and professional experience!"
    Kathy (Eastern PA)
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  • “My husband works with Alps Craftsman so they were our first stop when we were renovating our kitchen. We didn’t bother getting any other quotes because we felt so relaxed and in good hands when working with their design team.”
    Tracy (Southern NJ)
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