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A Guide to Cabinet Styles

Cabinets are the cornerstone in defining the look and feel of your kitchen. From traditional to modern styles, the design and choice of cabinets dictate the ambiance. Everything, from the countertops and backsplash to the appliances and lighting, hinges on their design. Alps Craftsman emphasizes the significant role cabinets play in determining a room’s overall aesthetic and offers a diverse range of styles to cater to every preference.

different cabinet styles

Understanding the Primary Elements that Define Cabinet Style:

  1. Framed or Frameless Cabinets: It’s the structural design that holds your cabinets together, whether they have a frame around them or not. Each type has its benefits and creates a different look. 
  2. Door Style: How decorative or simple the door appears plays a significant role. The more intricate it is, the more traditional or high-end it may seem.
  3. Color/Stain: From painted designs to wood types and stain colors, this factor can set the mood of your kitchen.

Differentiating Cabinet Styles:

  • Traditional Cabinets: These cabinets are often adorned with decorative edges and raised panels in the middle of the doors and drawers. 
  • Contemporary Cabinets: Simplified and often painted, the shaker-style cabinets, characterized by their square edges, are popular. This simple style has allowed many overseas manufacturers to enter the marketplace since these cabinets can be made in another country and then shipped here flat.
  • Modern Cabinets: Also known as European design, they boast a flat panel without any design intricacies, like panels or cutouts. Popular finishes range from glossy white to wood with intricate veining. 

Materials and Finishes

Traditional cabinets are crafted from various woods like cherry, maple, or oak and then stained. If picking a painted cabinet, a high-quality MDF is being used more and more to create a nicer, more long-lasting cabinet door. Modern ones, on the other hand, utilize furniture boards and are finished with laminated panels like high-gloss acrylic sheets.

Popular Styles Today

The trend for the last few years has been subtle cabinets that don’t overshadow the room. Light color paints, especially in white or light gray, have been used in countless home renovations. It’s practically all you see on television remodeling shows. However, over the last year or so, there’s been a resurgence of woods, especially in island cabinets. Other painted colors, such as green or blue, have also become very popular, allowing the cabinets to make more of a statement in a room. 

Blending Different Cabinet Styles

For a unique touch, blending different styles in one space is recommended. This not only creates a sense of intrigue but also ensures the design remains refreshing for a more extended period.

Customizing Cabinets

With more customizing options comes a heftier price tag. While Alps Craftsman offers a wide range of quality cabinets suitable for varied budgets, the limitations of cheaper brands can’t be ignored. It’s vital to collaborate with an experienced designer who understands the ins and outs of cabinetry design.

Making the Right Choice

One common misconception is that opting for cheaper cabinets will boost the value of a home post-renovation. However, the quality and appearance of cabinets are often reflective of their price. Investing more in quality cabinets not only ensures a better return on investment but also leaves a lasting impression.

different cabinet styles

Contact Alps Craftsman Today!

In conclusion, your choice of kitchen cabinet style can make or break the overall design of your space. Before embarking on a cabinetry update or overhaul, it’s crucial to remember the lasting impact of quality and design. If you’re looking for a variety of options to suit your budget, Alps Craftsman has got you covered. Dive deeper into the world of cabinets with our ultimate cabinet guide. Choose wisely, and make your kitchen truly yours!

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